5 Benefits of using Fiber Internet in your Business


Business professionals, IT Staff and general employees will benefit from your company deploying fiber- optic internet. Due to how relatively new Fiber technology is, you may wonder if the benefits outweigh the costs or drawbacks for your business.

Many companies are finding significantly higher returns on their fiber internet investment. Although Fiber is a relatively newer technology than broadband Internet provided by copper cables, the market has been spoken, FIBER IS HERE TO STAY!

Fiber Optics connectivity can give businesses of all sizes a great advantage, especially organizations that use the cloud to store apps or data. Case in point, fiber coupled with voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony is a a powerful game changer for business communications.

In this post, you'll learn about 5 major ways that fiber connectivity can help your company.

1. Speed

Fiber-optic Internet is many times faster than the  highest speeds available from traditional Internet connections such as LTE and copper cables, Cloud Telecoms offers options varying from 8 Mbps to 100 GIgs per second. During peek internet usage hours, your business wont be affected by slowing internet speeds.   It's estimated by industry experts such as Productivity SA, that businesses lose at least one week per year of productivity due to slowed internet connection. Thanks to Cloud Telecoms Fiber Internet, slowed internet connections will no inhibit your businesses productivity.

2. Reliability

Fiber Internet access provides substantial performance advantages over traditional internet connections such as copper, this is because fiber is not susceptible common issues such asinclement weather conditions, which can damage or stall data transmission via copper cabling. Moreover, fiber is also resistant to human or electrical interference such as when fibers are cut physically cut or damaged. Making inexpensive phone calls through VOIP and accessing cloud based software uniterruptedly is a must if your company aims to compete within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unstable connections to the Internet have real business costs. Every minute of unplanned downtime might bring your businesses productivity to an unexpected stop.    

3. Bandwidth

For companies with a strong need for data transmission it is relatively easy to "hit the limit" on your traditional LTE or DSL Internet subscription . Cloud Telecoms Fiber internet service is limitless and unthrottled meaning our speeds do not decrease when high demands are imposed on the network. We enable your company to push the limits of Cloud and VOIP technology for improved business productivity

4. Cloud Access

Business all over South Africa want to maximize limited resources and improve productivity. By accessing out Fiber Network your company can benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) apps to data storage tools stored on the Cloud. Cloud Telecoms Fiber Internet means faster connections to your cloud-based data and applications. This ensures that members of your marketing and customer service teams will no longer face delays in engaging with prospects and loyal clients.

5. Security

Would-be hackers and data criminals can easily access traditional business networks by using relatively simple techniques such as cable tapping. Cloud Telecoms Fiber Internet is nearly bullet proof, whenever fiber optics lines are cut or compromised, the system cannot transfer data until a technician repairs the section that has been tampered with. Our fiber optic Internet is an important way to enhance the protection of your company from cyber crime. Although media coverage of high-profile security breaches mostly focuses on large organizations, companies of all sizes are at significant risk of attack.

Although an upgrade to fiber-optic Internet connectivity will not eliminate all the risks associated with your company, it is certainly a significant means of protection.

How Do I Get Fiber?
Its's simple first use out Fiber coverage map to check availability in your area. Contact us directly by email our team at marketing@cloudtelecoms.co.za or call us on 010-500-7500