Cloud Phone System Benefits for Businesses


According to Future Market Insights (FMI), the corporate consumer VoIP market is expected to reach $145 billion by 2024. In South Africa alone, about 75% of large businesses have shifted to some kind of cloud telephony service.

Business analysts have predicted that by 2024, the global VOIP industry will enjoy a revenue of $93.2 billion. Indeed these numbers show that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here to stay.

For over a decade, Cloud Telecoms has offered ground breaking telecommunications systems for business of all sizes. Many of our services and products enable businesses to unify communication capabilities. Our Cloud PABX solution offers features that businesses need to compete in South Africa’s fast-paced economic environment.

Below are the top 5 reasons that South African businesses are moving to our Cloud PABX phone systems.

1. Cloud Phone Systems Cost Less

Cloud-based connectivity is cost effective for companies, as it reduces the need for technical and expensive equipment usually paid up front. Lower startup capital cost coupled with almost no maintenance makes cloud telephone systems an easy decision for business owners. The operations cost of Cloud Telephony is even more impressive as companies are only charged for the hostage space and bandwidth needed.

2. Cloud Based Phone Systems Offer Rich Features

VoIP technology is credited with bringing about many of the phone features that we now associate with modern calling. Consider the last time that you call or received a call from a big business. Chances are most experience was handled by a Cloud based phone system which provided companies with features such as menus, direct extensions and call back features. Cloud Telecoms offers great features which save your company time and money, furthermore our clients will be the first to tell you that a unified communications system increases their company’s sense of professionalism.

3. Cloud Business Phone Systems Are Flexible

Most of the continuing improvements to Cloud Telephony are happening on the network side, this adds convenience and acceleration to the introduction of cutting edge voice features without any Any changes to the physical equipment. We facilitate business agility and increase your company’s competitiveness in the industry. We help businesses in selecting the right technology to maximize investment. Our service offerings are designed to grow with your business, whether you need 7 new extension or offsite availability for remote workers, our Cloud Pabx is perfectly flexible and scalable.

4. Cloud Based Phone Services Are Easily Scaled

Because our Cloud PABX is hosted in the cloud, any business that is expanding or transitioning out of traditional telephony systems, does so with a limited degree of difficulty. Adding new users and features has never been easier, Cloud Telecoms services can be managed without hiring an IT specialist. There's no added maintenance, so you can focus on what gets your business moving. Furthermore, running a company with multiple geographic sites only requires a phone and internet connection.

5. Benefits of Cloud Telephony: Mobility Apps & Remote Work

 Today’s work environment requires extreme flexibility. A company workers may be in Capetown one day and London the next. Our Cloud PABX system lets work continue work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Our services greatly increasing savings and improve productively in otherwise nonproductive situations. Our Cloud PABX system lets your employees communicate internally for free, while saving up to 50% on international and local calls.

Our newly released Softphone App makes all of this possible from smartphones and tablets. Could anything be easier? 
Does your business need cost effective and reliable communications?
Our Cloud Pabx phone system will be the best investment you make this year.

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