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We are a data, voice, and online software service provider

Our product offerings are designed for small and growing businesses in South Africa.


Save up to 50% on your phone bill!

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Unlimited Calls


Port your number over to us for free. Keeping your number means not losing any customers who have your existing number.

Cloud Email

Secure business email

Email from your company's custom domain. Individual mailboxes are created for every employee or team. Compatible with every email client. Scheduled sending and on behalf sending are supported.


Cloud-based Office Collaboration Suite

Powered by Zimbra



Fast and Reliable Hosting

Locally hosted with high speed dual hexacore CPU's. We offer website & email hosting.

Flex website builder

The self hosted, all-in-one, easy to use site builder. You control your website data.

Email hosting

Personalized email solutions for you and your business. 


Business IPV4?

Customizable IPv4

 Plan that Caters Your Business Needs at the Lowest Costs.


IP Leasing Service

The IPv4 addresses are coming from different countries and we are ready to serve the global network.

IP Subnets


Improve your IP experience today

As trusted marketplace leaders, we are dedicated to reliable transparent service.

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Need a website or just email hosted? We have hosted packages to suit your needs.